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How to make Kai happy - give him Suho

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When Jack Warner was casting the movie My Fair Lady, Julie Andrews, who played the original Eliza Doolittle on Broadway, was overlook for the part, that was given to Audrey Hepburn.

That made her available to accept Mr. Disney’s invitation to play Mary Poppins.

At the 22nd Golden Globes, when she won the best actress award (she was up against Audrey for My Fair Lady), she had her sweet revenge.

how to shade, with class.

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Jonghyun’s body wave during Evil - SWC3 Shangai

Jonghyun’s body wave during Evil - SWC3 Shangai

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Can we just imagine Lunars at the beach tho

Normal people: look shells!

Lunars: what. where. kiLL THEM ALL


Honestly, I will only approve of a lunar chronicle movie adaptation if and only the director will be Guillermo del Torro.

Think about it. it will be not only an awesome representation of all of the characters but the movie, the sets, oh sweet lord, the colors

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